ReactOS - What's the point ?


The GPL dudes have invented a new Operating System.


I especially get a kick out of how it's a complete rip-off of Windows, but their web site has a bunch of dialog protecting their Trademark !

I know that a small but ridiculously loud minority in the Open Source community have nothing better to do with their energies than to hate all that is Microsoft, but really, what's the point.

If a guy runs Ubuntu on his laptop and Centos on his server, I get it! Working at Microsoft doesn't make me stupid. I have a box I se every day that runs Linux and I have a MacBook Pro that I use every day too. (Though if I had to pick only one OS it would still be Windows)

I get why Linux is fun. How does that thing work? Crack the code! I want a good custom phone screening system, no problem, I'll write a custom filter for Asterisk.

But if you want / need to run Windows Applications or Windows simply makes the most business sense for you, why would you want to use a "not as good" clone ?

If you wanna use Linux use a real Linux - if your gonna use Windows - use a REAL Windows !