Getting caught up after a short break

I was out of the office last week (enjoying some Texas BBQ) and of course that was the week I got a huge number of emails and responses on the test blog here. Additionally, the day I left was the day the building in which I work needed some electrical work.  All the power was turned off so I could not log in remotely either.  On a side note, the support staff had sent mail for weeks saying the power was going out and it is always amusing to see emails asking why the lab seems to be offline, why I am not getting some automated reports and such.  I guess a universal rule is not many people read email.

So this week, instead of spending the first day back testing OneNote, I spent it powering machines back up and answering emails from readers mostly.  If you have been wondering why it has taken a while for me to reply, you should have heard from me today.  I also got replies out to comments on most (all?) of the archived pages I have so I feel like I am caught up at this point.

I also have a beta of the Text Importer for 2013 available, but after the crash I had with my last update, I want to test it a little more before giving it out.  If you want a beta copy, just send me an email using the button in the upper right to contact me and I will send you the executable.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,