Goodbye to an old tablet

Long time readers will know my love/hate relationship with my old Lenovo tablet. I loved the keyboard and the screen - it really feels like paper and pencil when I write on that surface, and no one has come close since. The keyboard was also amazing with a great feel - I really am sad when I see all the chiclet style keyboards nowadays.

But that thing was also trying with hard drives going out, the swivel sensor breaking, the finger scanner never working correctly, pieces of the case breaking away over time.  It shipped with Windows XP and I left it with Windows 8.1.  (Considering my home computer could not be upgraded from Vista – no drivers – this is saying something for IBM).  But it never actually died. It kept working until today, when I finally realized I have completely replaced it with my Surface Pro. Today I tried it and noticed the battery would not hold a charge - not even long enough to walk from my office to any other room.  Replacement batteries are not worth it at this point, so I took this photo and called it good:


Last boot today. I packed it up and put it away. Just over 7 years of use.  Not bad for a tablet.

I miss the keyboard already…

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