OneNote Tip: Change the notebook display name to save screen real estate

I was hosting a meeting this week and had OneNote on the display. I opened a notebook that was named "ttn" in my display and someone wanted to know what "ttn" was. Well, "ttn" is my shortcut for the OneNote Test Team Notebook. I often alter the display name just to save some screen real estate. I don't think everyone in the meeting knew you could do this (and at least one person thought this would change the name everyone sees for the notebook - it doesn't) and I thought this would be a good tip.

To change the display name, just right click the notebook name in the list and select Properties.  In this example, I am going to change the name of the “Machine Learning – Stanford” notebook to something that fits in my notebook list a little better.


You will see the display name and can change it here:


In my case, I changed this to McL (short for Machine Learning) and saved my change:


Now I can have my notebook list showing my notebooks without anything being cut off. I go from this:


To this:


Which this particular list might not be useful to anyone but me, I know what each abbreviation means.  I can more easily understand my notebook list and I am not bothered any more by truncated text. 

I hope this tip helps! 

(Yes, some of us in OneNote are taking yet another Coursera class…)

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,