Sitting in the ship room monitoring OneNote feedback

We just released a major update for OneNote for Windows Blue!  This was a lot of hard work for test and now I am sitting in a conference room as we see what customers are saying about the new release.  It's a lot of fun and very eye opening (OCR is initially getting a lot of coverage and that is great).

The interesting part of testing this release was working with partner teams that are not here in Redmond.  We had a team in Europe add the OCR engine for us and a team in Japan add the new camera functionality.  Coordinating testing with each team was straightforward - we reviewed their test plans, performed code reviews, etc…  The unusual part of this was working with teams in very different time zones than here.  We would catch the team in Serbia right before they went home when we got into our offices.  Japan was just tough since they are not only in a separate time zone but in a different day. This is nothing new - many teams that work worldwide deal with this all the time - but for me this was the first time I had to work this way for a short period. 

Next up we will
monitor all the feedback coming in.  Most people here will look at the business side of the requests but my eyes will look for test coverage and any bugs users report.  While I am confident we caught these, there may be some cases that bubble up.  If that happens, we will add test cases, investigate what went wrong and so on. 

Anyway, it is pretty exciting to be in the ship room right now. If you get the new version, let us know what you think!

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,