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Tip: Open a specific page when starting OneNote 2007 or 2010

I was looking at the Facebook page for OneNote over the weekend (OneNote has a Facebook page - wow!) and saw Anthony asking how to open a specific page each time he starts OneNote. This is possible via a command line - here's how to do it if you are not familiar with working with the command line.  I tried to contact Anthony directly but no luck so far, so I figured I could write about this here and maybe he could find it.

First, open the location of the folder where you installed OneNote. On my computer, that is c:\program files\microsoft office\office14. Then right click and drag the onenote.exe file from there and drop it on the desktop and be sure to select "Create Shortcuts here."

Next, right click the page you want to open each time you start OneNote and select "Copy Link To Page."

Change to a different page in OneNote (we'll need to do this to test out the change in a bit). Then start Notepad and paste the shortcut there. It should look something like this:


Add /hyperlink and a space character in front of that goo - it should now look like

/hyperlink onenote:///\\JOHN-Y560\Users\John\Documents\OneNote%20Notebooks\Personal\{BA73E4E2-0C6B-43FE-8B7E-A1B110BCC4A1}&page-id={9CADE839-1E80-43E0-B964-9C549AECC52D}&end Select all of this and copy it.

Finally, right click the shortcut icon you created on the desktop and select Properties. You should see the "Target" box:


Click at the right of that box add one space at the end (just to the right of the " character). Now paste all the text from notepad to the end of the box. Click OK.

That's it. Now to test it. Double click the shortcut. You should get navigated to the page from which you copied the link.

The set of command line switches is at

Sadly, this may not work. If the total length of the Target exceeds 256 characters, some data can get cut off and cause this not to work. If that happens, here's the alternate method.

Go back to notepad which should have the path to OneNote.exe in it. At the end of that, right after the " symbol, add a space then /hyperlink and another space. Then copy the link to the page you want and paste it to the end.

A little cleanup is needed to get this to work right with the Windows command line. Add an extra quote before and after the link to the page (before the onenote:/// and after the word end) . You should wind up with something that looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\ONENOTE.EXE" /hyperlink "onenote:///\\JOHN-Y560\Users\John\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Personal\ Uses&section-id={BA73E4E2-0C6B-43FE-8B7E-A1B110BCC4A1}&page-id={9CADE839-1E80-43E0-B964-9C549AECC52D}&end"

Finally, save this as a BAT file - in Notepad, File | Save As | change to "All Files" and give it the name of "OneNote Page.BAT." Save it to the desktop and then double click it - OneNote will open to the page you want.