Updating some comments and metadata

This week I was given a small set of bugs that ultimately amounted to saying we are still using the word "SkyDrive" in some different places in OneNote. We changed the name to OneDrive recently and made a big effort to get the name correct so I looked into these reports.

It turns out there were a few comments scattered about that still used the old term, and a couple of places had some metadata about dialogs that still referred to SkyDrive. This is great since we don't have any actual strings or other UI that customers can see - these are all items in our code that don’t actually ship to anyone.

So while I am not worried about the severity of the bug reports, I still made the changes to convert these last remnants of the old name to "OneDrive." There were not very many and I got done fairly quickly with the changes. Next up is to wait for a signoff on the review and finish the build to make sure I did not slip in a typo or anything similar that would break the build. Then submit the change for inclusion in OneNote - not that anyone would ever notice these fixes, but it does make our life here a little more consistent.

Questions, comments, concerns and criticisms always welcome,