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Inside Visual C++

What's New in Visual C++ 8.0

First I would like to apolgize for my silence over the last few months - I really have been heads...

Author: joncaves Date: 05/19/2005


I've got some feedback to my recent blogs ... mostly in the form of questions: so here are some...

Author: joncaves Date: 12/17/2003

Developing the Compiler

Working on a compiler can be difficult: you can make what you think is a minor change to fix a bug,...

Author: joncaves Date: 12/12/2003

What Compiler Do You Use?

This is a common question I get asked at a lot of conferences: users are always interested in what...

Author: joncaves Date: 12/12/2003


Welcome: everyone else seems to be blogging so I thought I'd join them.A little bit about myself....

Author: joncaves Date: 12/12/2003

I've been Relocated!

It was decided that the “official” Microsoft Blog site would be on - so I've...

Author: joncaves Date: 12/12/2003