IE Addon - Send selected text as email to anyone in Internet Explorer

We have come up with an addon for Internet Explorer. This add-on adds context sensitive menu when the user right clicks on selected text in Internet Explorer. The selected text can then be send as email using one of the email clients set up at the time of installation. Also at the time of installation user gets full control of what email clients to install and what not to.


The following email clients are supported:

  • Hotmail

  • Outlook

  • Yahoo

  • Gmail

  • Default Mailto client installed with Internet Explorer. 

The addon core functionality has been developed using JScript. Right now Yahoo Mail Beta is not supported.


Using this addon user can send any text snippet from a site as an email to any of his friends. Quite handy and very easy to use. Also the installation size is very small and it installs pretty quickly.


The addon can be downloaded from below links:



Cheers and happy downloading!!!