Managed JScript announced

At MIX07 we released a new implementation of JavaScript on top of Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) as part of Silverlight  1.1 Alpha release. The brand new JavaScript implementation code named “Managed JScript” brings all the power of managed world to JavaScript developers. This release provides cross-language support and access to the .NET Framework along with ECMAScript Edition 3 feature set. We are working to make sure that Managed JScript is a first class language on top of DLR.


Although both Managed JScript and JScript.NET are running on top of .NET Framework, they are different implementations. Managed JScript is a brand new implementation based on infrastructure provided by DLR. It is an implementation of ECMAScript Edition 3 with added support for CLR and DLR. Being based on DLR, it nicely interoperates with other dynamic languages. Managed JScript doesn’t support JScript.NET Classes, typed variables and generation of assemblies.


A QuickStart guide for programming Silverlight using Managed JScript and other dynamic languages is available at Silverlight site. There are some cool samples available at You are welcome to add your DLR based samples on CodePlex. Also Jim Hugunin  is now blogging about DLR’s design and other details. Jim Hugunin and John Lam gave a very interesting talk at MIX showing the power of DLR and Silverlight by gluing together code from different languages and creating a brand new sample.


Managed JScript is also available as part of Microsoft ASP.NET Futures (May 2007) for use as server side dynamic language. A walkthrough on using Managed JScript and other dynamic languages in ASP.NET is available.