Kam's New Job!

Today I started a new job on the Avalon team! I'm super excited about my new role and my new team.

Some of you may remember a little bit about the job I'm leaving from my interviews on channel 9. I'm a little bit sad to be leaving such a cool job behind - having the opportunity to have such a broad impact on the aesthetics and visuals of the next version of windows was an incredible experience. The work that I started there is being continued in the capable hands of my colleagues on the Ux team, and I'm excited to see them take it across the finish line.

So what's my new job? In the near term - I'll be driving features in the new composited desktop we're building for longhorn, and I'll also start driving Ux issues for the new platform once my other work is up and running. It's an opportunity for me to take some of the work I did developing Aero and see it through, and at the same time learn what it's like to have a more developer focused job.

Whenever someone joins a team at Microsoft, it's customary for their manager to send mail to the team including a short bio in the newcomer's own words. Here's what mine said:

Hi! I’m Kam VedBrat and I’m very excited to be part of the Avalon team! Some of you may already know me from my work over the last two years driving the Aero visual design work on the Shell team, where one of my jobs was facilitating the Shell/Avalon relationship. In other past lives, I was a UI lead on the MSN client team, the PM for Active Setup for IE5, and a computer science major at Purdue University (Go Boilers!). Lately my free time has been spent remodeling my bathroom and selling a small biotech company. I will be sitting in 10/2528 starting Wednesday morning, so please stop by and say hello!