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Bye bye "System.TimeZone2", Hello "System.TimeZoneInfo"

Did I catch your attention? I know I haven't posted anything interesting in a while. I am currently working on a project that is unannouced.

However, I want to let everyone know that in Orcas Beta1, that will be release in a few months, the BCL team decided to rename this new type to "System.TimeZoneInfo". This should come as no surprise to my regular readers. We got a lot of feedback on Krzsyztof's blog, the BCL blog, my blog and the BCL Feedback about the name.

 Though personally, I find that System.TimeZone2 clearly indicates to a new .NET users that System.TimeZone is basically obsolete. I do agree with everyone's feedback that using numeric modifier is not scalable in the long term. It is a tough call, but given the incredible amount of feedback we got. It looks like System.TimeZoneInfo would be a better name. My only hope is that I don't get another flood of feedback from people who loved the System.TimeZone2 name and System.TimeZoneInfo.

We do value your feedback. So, what do you think?