Technet column readership patterns

So, I've been writing it for a few months - January, March and May have been published, July's in editing and I've got the content for September authored but need to get it through tech review. The pattern of hits on the website are curious though:

  • January (overall intro to column & e2k7): 13,000 views, 27 raters with an average rating of 4
  • March (transaction logs, powershell, remote mgmt and memory): 3,000 views, 2 raters with an average rating of 3
  • May (OWA timeouts and PSTs, OUs, security groups, setup): 1,500 views, 0 raters.

I'm not sure why January's is so much higher. Is it just because it was the first instance of Queue & A? Or was it due to other content in that month that made the entire magazine more popular? Or is it just that the content in that month truly was more interesting and applicable? January's certainly was more general questions (plus, we made them up since we didn't have any Q to A :-), but in March and May we were answering actual questions from customers so it naturally got more granular. Should we do something different for future issues?