DSL's and MDA

Well, the last two weeks have been quite busy. Earlier this week I was at the Microsoft Western Region Strategic Architects Forum - a gathering of top Architects from a couple of hundred companies invited by Microsoft to discuss enterprise architecture and .Net technologies. I was presenting the approach to modeling and model based software development that underlies the Whitehorse technology. Since the PDC, my  architecture team has given this talk a number of times to hundreds of architects, (summarized in this article) and the reaction has usually been favorable. Of course the question always arises concerning UML and MDA as we apparently seem to be diverging from these ”standards”. Steve Cook, my colleague, was, strangely enough, simultaneously giving almost the same deck to an assembly of architects in the UK, immediatley following a spokesperson from the OMG. Consequently, he had to make the issues very clear, but again the crowd there were favorably impressed by our arguments. A summary of how we address these questions can be found online in a press interview with me here (for a limited time only - sorry about having to register) or in Steve's article here. Steve's article stirred up some controversy, and he'll print a response in Dave Frankel's magazine later. I'd like to know what others think about this question of DSL's versus MDA/UML.

Apologies in advance for late responses as I'm off skiing with my family next week :-)