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Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud Professionals: 5-Part Series

Over the past several months, there's been a strong surge of interest in the community around Microsoft Azure from customers who are currently using Amazon AWS as part of their cloud computing strategy.  These customers are either interested in multi-cloud approaches that leverage Azure + AWS together, or they're interested in migrating application workloads to Azure to take advantage of unique platform strengths around increased geographic reach, hybrid datacenter integration, improved agility and broad compliance support.

Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud Professionals For Amazon AWS Cloud Pros

As a first step down this multi-cloud path, growing your cloud skill set to include the Azure platform will be key ... and, that's where our new 5-part series, Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud Professionals, will help you get started! Of course, there's plenty of similarities between Azure and AWS that you can leverage to quickly grow your cloud muscles, but each cloud platform also has specific considerations and technical details that you'll need to know when building and operating cloud solutions.

To help accelerate your multi-cloud journey, join Gerald Tiu and ME as we explore building solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform together from the perspective of an experienced cloud professional that's been using Amazon AWS ...

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