Windows Server 2016 - Azure-Inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) in YOUR Datacenter!

The Azure-inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) stack that is built into Windows Server 2016 reduces the complexity and cost of network infrastructure. Not only that, you can now define your network infrastructure so that it is portable to your application requirements. What does this all mean exactly and what other new networking features does Windows Server 2016 have? Watch this episode to learn all about it!

[caption id="attachment_8905" align="alignnone" width="510"]What's New in Networking for Windows Server 2016? What's New in Networking for Windows Server 2016?[/caption]

    • [1:40] What's new in Windows Server 2016 for Networking?
    • [6:16] What benefits are there to Software Defined Networking?
    • [7:42]¬† How does Software Defined Networking help reduce costs and complexity exactly? How does new SDN features like Network Controller & Network Function Virtualization play into this?
    • [14:05] Beyond SDN, what else is new in networking in Windows Server 2016?
    • [18:05] Can you clarify what RDMA is and why organizations may want to consider it?
    • [20:20] What can you tell us about Hyper-V Network Virtualization?