My first podcast interview

I was recently inteviewed in a podcast by Chris Overd and Harrison Hoffman when they were visiting the Microsoft main campus in Redmond along with others from the team. Refer to Interview with Ken Levy, Product Planner for the Windows Live Platform.

Last week we sat down with Ken Levy, Product Planner for the Windows Live Platform to talk about how Microsoft intends to support 3rd party developers across Windows Live. In this interview Ken talks about why Messenger Add-Ins will not be in the options menu by default and how he wants as much feedback as possible from you the developers, especially regarding what scenarios you want to achieve and what API's you would like to see exposed in order to do this.
0.00 Introduction
0.59 Messenger Add-Ins
6.28 Windows Live Developer Community
7.10 Bots and Activities
10.46 Business Opportunities
12.14 Windows Live Developer platform as a whole
14.05 Ken's Mix 06 Demoes
16.23 Gadgets
17.45 Ken questions us about what we want to see
20.00 End
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