My First Facebook Application

I did a quick Facebook application to show off at a session I did today. In the process, I ended up writing what might be the beginnings of a Silverlight API for Facebook.

 The application's here. It shows you the status messages of your friends in the order they were last updated. Clicking on a friend's box brings up their photos on Facebook. It's quite a neat little app that took a little under 300 lines of code (XAML + C#) aside from the code that went into the API itself.

I'll post more about this later. For now, enjoy!

Oh, and you'll need to have popups enabled for the application to authenticate you because it's configured as a desktop app at the moment (I know, the irony :D). I'm still trying to figure out how to make it run as a web page without having to write any server-side code :)

Here's the source code: