SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Crawl Performance Part 2

Tony has made yet another good posting in his "SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Crawl Performance" series.

Check it out here!

I think when Tony has completed this series (If there is ever an end as he's still got V3 to start talking about (hint hint Tony :):):)), the will be a great series of postings on truly understanding the crawler.  Kudos Tony!

In my post "Understanding SharePoint - Part 1 - Understanding the SharePoint Portal Server Indexer"  I refer to what I call "PDR" for Processed Documents Rate for the SearchGatherProjects\Processed Documents Rate, which is an indicator on a specific index.  Tony provides details on the "Search Gatherer" object which is the gatherer as a whole.  DO check out what he states for estimating times to completion in his posting.  It's something we try to explain to our customers on a near daily basis, and he's got some great scenarios to describe on this to "estimate" times to completion.

Again, Kudos Tony!

- Keith