Five years ago today (August 2004)

We were busy in the “Longhorn Reset” where we essentially threw away the work we’d previously done for Longhorn and restarted based on a Server 2003 based codebase.  We took the work we’d done for the Longhorn audio engine and reworked it to create the current audio engine we delivered with WIndows Vista – many of the concepts of the original engine remain (although several of them are gone and some of the functionality was radically reworked (for example in the LH alpha codebase, the waveOutXxx APIs used the MediaFoundation APIs to render audio – in Vista they use WASAPI directly).  Things were pretty hectic, but none of the developers working on Longhorn were really sorry to see the old project go – it truly had become unmaintainable.

Also in 2004, I started this blog – back then it was hosted on another site, but my blog officially went live on March 15, 2004.