Remember the blibbet

There was a thread on Channel9 that got me to remember the blibbet.

"The blibbet?"  What on earth is a blibbet?

The blibbet is the "O" in the 2nd Microsoft logo:

Those of us who've been at Microsoft for a long time all have fond memories of the blibbet, which was cruely killed off in a fit of corporate ire in 1987.  Not only was it our corporate logo, but if you look at Microsoft binders from the time (1982-1987), you'll see that the blibbet is used as a watermark on it.

At one point, I had a "save the blibbet" button, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find it (otherwise I'd post a photo of it).

Periodically you find reminders of the blibbet around campus.  For example, the cafeterias used to offer a "Blibbet Burger" - a double cheeseburger with bacon, IIRC.

I miss the blibbet :)  Somehow, it reminds me of Herbie (or any other VW bug) - cute and friendly :)

Edit: Added more after a little bird sent me the image..

When Microsoft announced that the would be retiring the blibbet, a number of employees mounted a fruitless "Save the Blibbet" campaign to retain the corporate icon.

Unfortunately, the suits won :(