Azure Go Library Documentation Project

These days, I'm playing with Go lang. Now I'm ready to contribute a lot of Go related repos! However, I have one thing that I'm not happy. Azure provide a lot of Great Go projects. However, I can't find the API document on the internet. I can read the code, however, API document might help to understand the overview much more quickly. All I can do is clone the repo, then execute, configure the repo, finally I can execute godoc command. Finally, I can see it locally.

I need the document without I do something!  Hey Let's build it.

I come up with very simple idea.

  1. Create a Dockerfile which include go get for the repo which I want the api doc.
  2. After the go gets, Dockerfile execute godoc command.
  3. DockerHub detect the change, then it automatically build it.
  4. App Service (Linux) get notification through webhook, then it pull the new image

Now, you can see the document site.

Currently I support two projects

If you need to additional project document, feel free to contribute this repo. All you need is, clone / edit Dockerfile.


FROM golang:1.8
MAINTAINER Tsuyoshi Ushio

# go-autorest
RUN go get

# Azure SDK for go

RUN go get
RUN go get
RUN go get



ENTRYPOINT godoc -http :80



Just add new go get entry for the project that you want. After test it in your local environment, send me a pull request.

I hope this simple project helps.