Request for Feedback (WPF VNext)

So have you tried out .NET 4. If not, do give it a try. We have a bunch of new WPF features in .NET 4 and it was covered as part of the WPF features series. Now that we are close to release, whats next. This is where your feedback is invaluable. We listened to your feedback from 3.5 and incorporated several suggestions into .NET 4. Now its again time to ask for feedback to drive the direction for the next release. We would love to hear your comments\opinions on the following areas

· What are the features you would like to see in vnext of WPF? You can also vote for your features here.

· How can we improve the curve in learning WPF? Are there things we can simplify?

· Feedback on tooling support (IDE, Loc, Designers, perf tools,..)

· What do you think of the community support for WPF developers? Can we do better?

· I have seen some posts expressing reservations adopting WPF (e.g. especially when coming from a Winforms background). In general, what hiccups\reservations (if any) do you (your team) have adopting WPF?

· Any learnings\experiences adopting\using WPF

· Any random feedback not covered by the above J

Send in your feedback. We are all ears J


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