Runtime Fault Injection using TestAPI

“Fault injection is a technique for improving the coverage of a test by introducing faults to test code paths, in particular error handling code paths that might otherwise rarely be followed” - wikipedia

TestAPI in its current release supports runtime fault injection. The API is pretty easy to use. It comprises of the following steps



Signatureof the function where the fault is injected

This is just a string

Fault condition specifies when to trigger the fault

(static methods in BuiltInConditions)

TriggerEveryOnNthCall(int n);

TriggerIfCalledBy(string caller);

TriggerIfStackContains(string method);

TriggerOnNthCall(int n);

TriggerOnNthCallBy(int n, string caller);

Fault– determines what needs to be done when the condition is satisfied

(static methods in BuiltInFaults)


ReturnValueFault(object returnValue);

ReturnValueRuntimeFault(string returnValueExpression);

ThrowExceptionFault(Exception exceptionValue);

ThrowExceptionRuntimeFault(string exceptionExpression);

Compose theFaultRule

FaultRule(string method);

FaultRule(string method, ICondition condition, IFault fault);

FaultSession– this is a collection of rules to be applied to the application that is being tested

FaultSession(params FaultRule[] rules);

Setup the FaultSession

(method in FaultSession)

public ProcessStartInfo GetProcessStartInfo(string file);

//The file param is the path to the binary under test

Start the test application



In code, the above looks something like

string method = "TestApplication.DoSomething()";

ICondition condition = BuiltInConditions.TriggerOnNthCall(2);

IFault fault = BuiltInFaults.ThrowExceptionFault(new ArgumentNullException());

FaultRule rule = new FaultRule(method, condition, fault);

FaultSession session = new FaultSession(rule);

ProcessStartInfo processInfo = session.GetProcessStartInfo(@".\TestApplication.exe");

Process p = Process.Start(processInfo);

You can look at more usage scenarios in the docs that come along with the download from Codeplex.

While writing this post, I came across this interesting term Bebugging which involves knowingly adding bugs into code and then using # of bugs unidentified as an indicator of real bugs remaining.

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