SL Timeline control for Sharepoint

The other day I wanted to have a timeline control in Sharepoint so that I could easily know where each project is in its lifecycle. Yeah, you could easily use Visio or some other diagramming tool but it does take effort. So a timeline control would be nice. In Sharepoint 2010, you can host a Silverlight webpart - so there you go, we need a timeline control in Silverlight. Searching on the web, I found one  by Jose Paul and with a bit of tweaking and some code to connect to Sharepoint, got it working.


 As seen above, you can scroll through horizontally and zoom as well. Mouse hover pops up a tooltip with the start\end dates..

The control connects to the sharepoint site and searches for the list "TimeLine". It then gets the Field values for "Title,Start Date, End Date, Project"... Different projects (enum) have a color code associated.P1,P2,etc are project names

You would need to populate the list in Sharepoint which is easy. Whats easier is that you can export the list to Excel, update the list in Excel and sync it back to Sharepoint... The control will automatically pick up the data. Isnt that much better than using the diagramming tools :)..

The code is attached. You would need to update the code to customize to your projects,timelines, and the sharepoint site. Also, to compile you would require the sharepoint dlls which you can copy from the sharepoint server which hosts the sharepoint site.

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