New Azure Logic Apps solution for Log Analytics (OMS) released today!

Hi everyone, I'm excited to announce the preview release of our new Logic Apps solution for Log Analytics today (docs here). We are releasing this to coincide with the new and improved features of Log Analytics, also rolling out today - see here for more details on all the cool new features. This refresh of Log Analytics provides new query capabilities similar to Application Insights - so if you already know that (and you really should), you're already halfway there! One great example is being able to perform query joins across your data, a powerful new feature that gives you the ability to create even deeper insights into your data than before.

Our new solution is complementary to our existing B2B solution and allows all Logic Apps customers to monitor their logic apps quickly and easily either via the OMS portal, Azure or even on the move with the OMS app. The solution currently allows you to see all your logic app run information, their status and if they are succeeding or failing. You can drill in further to see more details of failed runs as well to quickly and easily troubleshoot problems. Log Analytics provides the ability to define and set alerts too, so that you can set up proactive monitoring and be notified if things aren't working.

Additionally we've made it really easy to enable your logic apps right when you create them by adding the option to turn on Azure Diagnostics and push the telemetry from your logic app to your workspace. If you have an existing workspace you can upgrade it to gain access to our new solution, see here for more info. If you don't, simply go over to here to see how to create one to use for your logic apps.

Our release today is just the beginning. We have much more planned in the coming weeks ahead including the ability to bulk resubmit failed logic apps, download the payloads that were received, enable/disable logic apps and much more.

Please try out these new capabilities (rolling out to all regions, starting with West Central US today), and as always, let us know what you think.