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New BizTalk Server connector preview rollout complete!

An important part of our hybrid integration story is the ability to connect to and leverage your existing BizTalk Server applications on-premises. I'm excited to tell you that we've completed the deployment of the new preview BizTalk Server 2016 connector for Logic Apps. It is now deployed to the following:

- Brazil South
- Southeast Asia
- East Asia
- Japan East
- North Central US
- East US
- East US2
- Japan West
- South Central US
- Central US
- Australia East
- Australia Southeast
- North Europe
- West Europe
- West US

The connector provides the ability to send messages from Logic Apps (and optionally receive a response) as well as the ability to format those messages by choosing a schema from the BizTalk management database - all within Logic Apps! This can be coupled with the Enterprise Integration Pack that we previewed recently which provides additional features to work with XML such as validate, transform and flat file conversion to implement sophisticated integration workflows - plus much more including B2B processing using AS2, X12 and EDIFACT.

biztalk connector

You can try out this new connector using the steps I wrote up here. Let us know what you think!