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Using PowerShell to manage API Connections

Logic Apps now has Managed APIs that are hosted by the service.  To use one of them in a logic app all you need to do is create a connection that saves the authentication, consent and configuration to an API.  For example, a connection can remember your authentication and consent into dropbox and twitter as well as save the authentication and configuration details for SMTP and FTP.  After a connection is created it can also be referenced by other logic apps in the same resource group.

Although connections allow for a simple way to store your authentication and configuration we haven't yet created a portal experience to manage those connections.  In the meantime you can either use the ARM REST API or PowerShell cmdlets to do CRUD operations on the microsoft.web/connections resource-type in your subscription.  To help I have created a List-ApiConnections PowerShell script in GitHub that will list all of the connections in your subscription.  Calling the script with the name of an API will list the connections for a particular API and calling the script without any parameters will return all of the connections in your subscription.

 PS C:\Users\klam> F:\projects\List-ApiConnections.ps1 dropbox
Api               : dropbox
ConnectionName    :
ConnectionConfig  : 
Name              : 015F916D-D3FE-4F7B-B524-D8D627E38C3C
ResourceId        : /subscriptions/77e6577e-2ca2-48ba-a8a7-6a3a64642e27/resourceGroups/logic-eastrg/providers/Microsoft.Web/connections/015F916D-D3FE-4F7B-B524-D8D627E38C3C
ResourceName      : 015F916D-D3FE-4F7B-B524-D8D627E38C3C
ResourceType      : Microsoft.Web/connections
ResourceGroupName : logic-eastrg
Location          : eastus
SubscriptionId    : 77e6577e-2ca2-48ba-a8a7-6a3a64642e27

To clean up a connection you can use the resourceId from the results of that list and call remove-azureRmResource -resourceId {connection-resourceId} .

 PS C:\Users\klam> Remove-AzureRmResource -ResourceId /subscriptions/77e6577e-2ca2-48ba-a8a7-6a3a64642e27/resourceGroups/logic-eastrg/providers/Microsoft.Web/connections/015F916D-D3FE-4F7B-B524-D8D627E38C3C