2016-07-14 Release Update

Front-end (designer) updates will deploy 2016-07-15, other pieces deployed today (2016-07-14)

Release Notes:

  • Increased foreach, spliton, and until limit to 5,000 items.
  • Support for on-premises data gateway¬†(rolling out this week globally - in Central US SQLnow)
  • Run-time performance improvements.
  • Can emit diagnostics/monitoring to Event Hubs
  • Can configure Azure Alerts on metrics (diagnostics/monitoring)

Bug Fixes:

  • Nested workflows weren't properly discovering "request" triggers.
  • Some triggers were failing in new schema (foreach/until loops).
  • Designer was removing retry-policies and metadata for nested actions.
  • Webhook firing would rarely¬†result in no saved state.
  • ForEach was being added when removing the array token from an inner action.
  • XML Validation was failing with empty schema name.