2016-07-21 Release Update

This will be another phased release.  The front-end bits (Designer/Azure Portal) will go out today (2016-07-21) while the backend bits (changes to SKU) will roll out through 2016-07-25

Release Notes

  • Template selection screen for creating a new logic app
  • Recurrence intervals display on triggers that use recurrent checks
  • New flow run view to view the errors/inputs/outputs from a run
  • More obvious load icon for when designer or flow run is loading
  • Trigger history now shows on the logic app resource blade
  • Major performance improvements (>50% per average action)
  • Parallel actions will now render correctly (actions that share the same "runAfter")
  • Azure alerts now show in the diagnostic settings
  • Designer and portal localized for different regions
  • Info icons will show on cards and tokens to give information
  • Support to display which connectors are in "Preview"
  • Support for 2016-06-01 schema and API version
  • 2016-06-01 schema and SDK published
  • Support for creating a logic app without an associated app service plan
  • Updated folder picker icon/UI

Bug Fixes

  • Foreach info bar would expand the card too wide
  • Watermark text for search bar is now more clear that not all actions are displayed and must be searched for
  • Watermark text on HTTP card and others to help with value creation
  • "..." is now "show advanced options" to be more usable and clear
  • Creating a connector with an on-premises gateway wouldn't correctly show gateway dropdown
  • Parameters for values with an "internal" swagger type were being lost in the designer
  • Folder name would sometimes show as base64 encoded in designer
  • Upgrade script from 2015-08-01-preview wouldn't correctly handle some nested actions
  • "operationOptions", "retry policies", and "metadata" were being lost in a scope on designer load