2016-09-23 Release Update

Release Notes:

  • Service Bus long-polling trigger (for recurrence intervals < 30 seconds will instantly fire on queue or topic message)
  • Service Bus peek/lock and complete (rolling out over next week)
  • Terminate action
  • Can now replace the body object inputs with a full reference (e.g. "body": { "name": "foo" } => "body": "@triggerBody()" )
  • Updated icon for Logic Apps
  • Visual Studio Tools General Availability (9/26) https://aka.ms/logicapps-visualstudio

Bug Fixes:

  • SQL Stored procedure data would sometimes be lost on reload
  • Case-insensitive references to dynamic properties
  • Action pallet dropdown would cutoff for larger flows
  • Run monitoring view had issues rendering some actions
  • Recurrence values weren't showing in monitoring view