Release Update 2016-10-20

Tons of new features that have been rolled out (and rolling out starting today).  I accidentally set last weeks to publish on 10/13/2017 - so just combining both updates into this week.  Be sure to check out our webcast where we demo'd much of this and shared what's coming next -

Release Notes:

  • Resubmit button added to the run view to resubmit a run
  • Ability to regenerate callback URLs for request triggers
  • Added chart and metrics for billable actions by logic app (below list of runs)
  • Performance improvements for designer load time and run view load time
  • New output picker experience (Add Dynamic Values) with search for outputs
  • ForEach allows multiple actions
  • Cognitive Services Text Analytics connector
  • Will always show delete and rename but give info when actions cannot be performed
  • @base64 can now encode JSON objects

Bug Fixes:

  • Drag and drop bugs
  • Unsubscribe from webhook should be optional