Release Update - 2016-11-18

Release Notes:

  • Confirmation dialog added to resubmit run
  • Singleton triggers allowed (can mark a trigger with operationOption of singleton, and new instances will not fire unless all running flows are completed)
  • Can now view the raw inputs and outputs of actions with the historical run view
  • Performance improvements for spliton (debatch) triggers
  • Connection verify¬†in designer for supported connectors

New Connectors (rolling out globally):

  • Azure Document DB
  • Cognitive Services Face APIs
  • Disqus
  • Chatter
  • Power BI
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Tasks
  • Pinterest
  • HipChat
  • Wordpress

Bug Fixes:

  • Margins would sometimes cut off part of the output picker
  • Error message improvements on invalid operations
  • Message wasn't shown for actions skipped in a foreach loop
  • Accessibility improvements