Release Update 2017-01-20

Apologies for the delay.  There was a tooling issue so the last 2 updates didn't post.  Also starting with next week we will start posting these in advance of a release so you can be aware of changes that may effect you before they roll out.  Feel free to contact us for questions - .  Also would be a great Logic App to trigger on RSS updates from this blog and send you a notification email :)

Release Notes:

  • New connector search experience - select by service and see all triggers and actions
  • New switch condition - use switch and cases to branch logic
  • HTTP actions in designer have new authentication options
  • Updated icons and brand color for many actions
  • Designer now handles when you use dynamic outputs in dynamic fields

Bug Fixes:

  • OAuth window fixes for IE11
  • Switching to code-view before finishing configuring actions would sometimes error
  • XML exceptions from @xml() now surfaced correctly
  • IE11 zoom fixes
  • Compose card would not correctly reload when inputs and outputs were empty


  • OneNote (Business)
  • Stripe
  • Power BI Streaming Dataset
  • Outlook Tasks
  • Typeform