.NET Core 1.1 - Where to start?

Hi, as you may notice, the version .NET Core 1.1 changed some significant things like the new command of CLI options, the project settings now is made through a XML format instead of JSON and the back of the CSPROJ extension.


If you are new using .NET Core, maybe your question is: where to start ?


The first step is download the SDK (Software Developer Kit) for development. Also you can download only the runtime used to run the application in a computer that does not have the SDK installed. If your application is self-contained (does not depends of .NET Core installed on machine) the runtime is not necessary.


The SDK and runtime can be download at:

.NET Core installation guide

.NET Downloads


You can use a lot of tools to start developing a .NET Core application.


Two types of deployments:

  • Framework-dependent deployment:

It this scenario: you need the .NET Core runtime installed on the system and your app contains only its own code and any third-party dependencies that are outside of the .NET Core libraries.

  • Self-contained deployment:

In this case, you don’t‘ need the .NET Core runtime installed on the system.

All components, including both .NET Core libraries and the .NET Core runtime, are included with the application and are isolated from other .NET Core applications.


In the following posts, I show how to create and publish an ASP.NET application using CLI (Command Line Interface) and VSCode.