Lync Mobile update for Android phones: Rejoin and Conversation Continuum

Written by: Barak Manor

As we stated in our last Lync Mobile blog, we are not leaving Android behind. The new Lync for Android update is now available and will enhance the continuity of your communication experience. New features include the ability to quickly rejoin a Lync Meeting that you just left (or were disconnected from) and pick-up your conversations from where you last left them.

Rejoining a Lync Meeting with one simple click

Using Lync Mobile enables you to be fluid and flexible in your work – letting you join Lync Meetings while on the road, at the airport or at home with the family. We know that sometimes the cellular coverage is not as perfect as we want it to be, so now you need only touch once the ‘Rejoin’ button at the conversation history page (see below) and with one click you are in.

The new feature makes conferencing on Lync Mobile while on the go even simpler.

  After voluntary disconnection

After involuntary disconnection


When being disconnecting from the conference due to a network problem, Lync detects when the network connection has been restored and it notifies you with a ‘Rejoin’ button on a yellow banner. This way you just need to wait and touch once to be back on the Lync Meeting.

Get back to your conversations exactly where you left

We’re all familiar with times when we want to continue a past conversation from the exact place we left it and with the same people we had it with. Now, from your conversation history view, you will be able to continue past conversations that you had on your mobile device exactly where you left off. It saves time explaining the topic of the conversation and looking for the other person/group in the contact tab.

This is how we believe a Lync Mobile client should be – simple, fluid and fast.


Original conversation

Pick-up where you left

In addition to the great new features I just introduced, the Lync team also improved the media and audio routing for the client. The work was mainly to support new devices and newer Android OS versions, in addition to the audio flow throughout the client (handset, speaker phone and headset). 

We continue to invest in the Lync Mobile clients across platforms in order to meet the needs of our customers on the devices they use every day. I encourage you to go to Google Play and download the updated Lync Mobile client for Android.  

Go Lync!