Administer Dynamics 365 without global admin rights

You ask and we listen.

You asked for a role allowing you go give a user the priveleges to administer your Dynamics 365 instances, but not necessarily the entire Office 365 tenant. That role is now here - its called the Dynamics 365 service administrator picture4

A Dynamics 365 (online) service admin cannot do functions restricted to the Office 365 global admin such as manage user accounts, manage subscriptions, access settings for Office 365 apps like Exchange or SharePoint.

Users with the Dynamics 365 (online) service admin role can:

  • Sign in to and manage multiple Dynamics 365 (online) instances. If an instance uses a security group, a service administrator would need to be added to the security group in order to manage that instance.
  • Perform admin functions in Dynamics 365 because they have the Dynamics 365 system admin role. The service admin must be assigned a Dynamics 365 license

Please find below details of what priveleges the the various Office 365 roles have

1) Yes with Dynamics 365 system admin role
2) Only in Dynamics 365 admin center