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Accelerating Business Transformation with Cortana Intelligence Solution Templates

Earlier today, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Group, announced a set of new Cortana Intelligence solution templates as part of his keynote address at the Microsoft Data Amp event.

Cortana Intelligence solution templates give customers the means to rapidly conceive and implement their big data, machine learning and analytics projects. Technical implementers can easily prototype and deploy Azure solutions using best-practice design patterns within minutes.

The first set of solution templates address the needs of marketing and operations functions. For marketing leaders, there is real urgency to optimize lead generation, improve marketing spend efficiency, effectively transition to an omnichannel world, and truly differentiate on customer experience. For operations leaders, there is a need to optimize supply chains, improve production processes, reduce defect rates and prevent unplanned downtime.

The first three solution templates focus on the following use cases:

  • Demand Forecasting & Price Optimization. This templateallows you to ensure product availability and maximize profits through intelligent demand forecasting. Customers can predict the volume of sales for a given time period and also model its sensitivity under various scenarios.
  • Personalized Offers. This template lets you improve customer experience and maximize your customers' basket size through relevant targeted offers. Marketing professionals can predict and deliver the best performing offer based on customers' unique profiles.
  • Quality Assurance. This template allows you to minimize wastage and improve quality by predicting production line failures before they happen. Customers can correlate problems with their underlying operating conditions and determine the factors that contribute to operational or product problems.

These solution templates are created from real-world customer examples and built grounds-up to accelerate your time to insights and value. The live self-service dashboard for each solution template helps you to visualize the transformative impact of advanced analytics on your business. Technical implementers get an automated deployment experience to easily run the battle-tested architecture within their Azure subscriptions, customize and manage it for experimentation, and graduating it to full blown production applications when ready.

To further remove the complexity of building advanced machine learning and analytics solutions, we have a fast-growing ecosystem of partners, with deep domain knowledge and data science expertise, to implement and operationalize the solution templates for your own unique needs. You can check out the list of trained partners for the Demand Forecasting, Personalized Offers and Quality Assurance solutions.

Get started with Cortana Intelligence solution templates to start optimizing your business processes and improve your competitiveness today.

CIML Blog Team