How to Implement AI-First Business Models at Scale

Earlier this week, MIT, in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, released their second global study looking at AI adoption in industry. A top finding of this report is that the leading companies in AI adoption are now convinced of the value of AI and are now facing the challenge of moving beyond individual point solutions toward broad, systematic use of AI across the company and at-scale.

In the report, Joseph Sirosh, CTO of AI at Microsoft, discusses how Microsoft is building a complete AI platform that empowers enterprises to implement these AI-first business models and do so at scale. Scaling AI across an entire business requires companies to look far beyond just building that initial model.

As Joseph says, companies need an "AI Oriented Architecture capable of constantly running AI experiments reliably, with continuous integration and development, and then learning from those experiments and continuing to improve its operations. "

For those of you who are attending Microsoft Ignite at Orlando next week, you can hear Joseph talk about AI Oriented Architectures first hand, and get guidance on how enterprises can build successful AI solutions at scale.

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AI / ML Blog Team