Azure ML, as Part of the IoT Suite, Now Available in Azure Germany

This post is authored by Ted Way, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

Azure Machine Learning, as part of the IoT Suite, is now generally available in Azure Germany. Industrial and manufacturing customers eager to ride the Industry 4.0 wave can now use IoT Suite as a part of their "smart factory."

Go to to get started and provision a predictive maintenance solution – this also provisions an Azure ML workspace with experiments and a web service.

You can go back to your workspace directly at any time by going to, where you can create more experiments and deploy web services.

Azure ML has the same SLA in Azure Germany as other public regions in US South Central, West Europe, and Southeast Asia.

What is Microsoft Azure Germany?

Our German datacenter is a physically and logically separate allocation of Azure, one in which all customer data and required support systems reside in German datacenters. There's a dedicated network within Germany that is independent of the public cloud network. A German data trustee, T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), controls physical and logical access to customer data, and Microsoft meets applicable compliance requirements and certifications. If you require compliance with German business and public sector requirements, then Microsoft Azure Germany would be appropriate for you.

More information can be found on the Azure Germany Cloud blog or by emailing