Free AI Immersion Workshop on May 9th in Seattle – Register Now!

We are excited to announce that registration for the Microsoft AI Immersion Workshop is now open to all developers. The Workshop is being held on Tuesday, May 9th, at the W Hotel in Seattle. This is a free in-person event, but capacity is limited – so register now to reserve your spot.

This is a unique opportunity for developers interested in creating the next generation of intelligent apps, including enterprise-grade solutions, using the very latest AI and Machine Learning techniques. You'll learn how to build solutions from scratch. Seasoned software engineers and data scientists from Microsoft – people who are building some of the world's most advanced AI and ML technologies – will run these hands-on tutorials. Several presenters are also active contributors to this blog, as you'll see from the presenter names next to the session abstracts below.

The Workshop will kick off with a keynote talk that will cover the breadth and depth of Microsoft's AI investments and offerings. That will be followed by your choice of five deep technical tutorial sessions, which will run for much of the day, from 11:00 AM through 5:00 PM. These tutorials will focus on hands-on activities and projects, so attendees are expected to bring their own laptops, and also check our event website for any pre-requisite software or subscriptions they might need, to make the most of the day.

Learn more about the workshop sessions below.

1 Applied Machine Learning for Developers Learn data science from the very basics, and build an app that uses a machine learning model. Little or no knowledge of data science is assumed.We'll start with essentials of the data science process, from identifying the question that you would like to see answered, to determining which algorithm to apply, to evaluating how good your model is. We'll then use Azure Machine Learning to apply the data science process and build an ML model, which will be deployed as an API on Azure. Finally, you'll build an app that uses the ML model.
  • Barbara Stortz, Principal Software Engineering Manager
  • Raymond Laghaeian, Senior Program Manager
2 Big AI – Applying Artificial Intelligence at Scale Learn how to apply AI at scale – at massive scale – and using a variety of technologies.Topics covered will include: planet-scale AI on structured and unstructured data, deep learning at scale using Azure, intelligence at scale using the Azure Data Lake Store, and related topics.
  • Alex Sutton, Principal PM Manager
  • Andrew Liu, Program Manager
  • Bart Czernicki, Senior Technical Evangelist
  • Danielle Dean, Senior Data Scientist Lead
  • Michael Rys, Principal Program Manager
  • OP Ravi, Principal Program Manager
  • Thomas Delteil, Data Scientist
  • Tony Guidici, Principal Software Development Engineer
  • Wee Hyong Tok, Principal Data Scientist Manager
3 Weaving Cognitive and Azure Services to Provide Next-Generation Intelligence Get a guided tour of Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Azure service offerings that pair well with them, followed by a walkthrough of common application scenarios involving stitching Cognitive Services together, including with Azure Search, Document DB (i.e. NoSQL), and related technologies, to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions.Attendees will get hands-on time with multiple Cognitive Services and Azure technologies, and behind-the-scenes details from Microsoft product engineers.
  • Elad Ziklik, Principal PM Manager
  • Jason Fox, Software Development Engineer
  • Jennifer Marsman, Principal Software Development Engineer
  • Liam Cavanaugh, Principal Program Manager
  • Michael Lanzetta, Principal Software Development Engineer
4 Deep Learning and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit We will introduce deep learning and common use cases with a hands-on tutorial on how to use Microsoft's open source deep learning framework, i.e. the Cognitive Toolkit. We will also focus on different Azure services that you can use to build an end-to-end deep learning solution.Goals for this session are to help attendees familiarize themselves with the different areas of deep learning, gain hands-on experience in practical apps that could use deep learning, and recognize the different Azure services to use, when building such solutions.
  • Anusua Trivedi, Data Scientist
  • Gopi Kumar, Principal Program Manager
  • Miguel Fierro, Data Scientist
  • Patrick Buehler, Senior Data Scientist
  • Sayan Pathak, Principal Software Development Engineer
  • Sudarshan Sudarshan, Principal Software Engineering Manager
  • Tao Wu, Principal Data Scientist Manager
  • TJ Hazen, Principal Data Scientist Manager
  • Ye Xing, Senior Data Scientist
5 Building Intelligent SaaS Applications We will cover the end-to-end flow of building intelligent Software as a Service (SaaS) apps in Azure through short presentations coupled with hands-on experiences.This workshop will cover the Data tier, including different SaaS design patterns to consider when building, managing and monitoring a scalable and cost-efficient multi-tenant data tier; the App tier, including the powerful AI technologies available for you to build intelligent apps; and the Analytics tier, showing you how to power interactive analysis on your app telemetry data, and backing up your SaaS app with a highly scalable data warehousing solution.
  • Julie Strauss, Principal Group Program Manager
  • Siva Harinath, Principal Program Manager

You will have opportunities to connect in person with our presenters and other Microsoft experts, as well as with industry peers. There will be plentiful food, snacks and caffeine throughout the day, of course. So hurry up and reserve your spot as we expect to sell out very soon – and we'll see you in Seattle in May!

The AI Immersion Workshop Team