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Ignite 2017: Announcing Tools for AI-Driven Digital Transformation

Re-posted from the Microsoft Azure blog.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most disruptive forces behind the digital transformation of business.

Earlier today, at Microsoft Ignite 2017, where we are in conversations about digital transformation with over 25,000 customers and partners, Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President for Cloud Artificial Intelligence, shared the latest updates around the Microsoft AI development platform.

These announcements, which demonstrate our mission to bring AI to every developer and every organization on the planet, and to help businesses augment human ingenuity in unique and differentiated ways, include the following:

  • The next generation of Azure Machine Learning, including the Azure ML Workbench, a cross-platform client for AI-powered data wrangling and experiment management; the Azure ML Experimentation Service, to help data scientists increase their rate of experimentation with big data and GPUs; and the Azure ML Model Management Service, to host, version, manage and monitor ML models.
  • Visual Studio Code Tools for AI.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services.
  • AI business solutions for enterprises.

Learn more about these announcements here, including how our AI platform is finding widespread adoption among customers, including in some unexpected scenarios.

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New data wrangling tools in Azure ML dramatically reduce the time spent by data scientists in data transformations needed prior to machine learning.

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