Microsoft’s Chris Bishop Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society

Re-posted from the Microsoft Next blog.

Chris Bishop, distinguished scientist, director of Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK), and a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.

The addition of Chris to this elite body talks to the preeminence of AI and ML in scientific work and indeed in all human endeavor.

Bishop was fascinated by science and technology at an early age and his interest in AI was sparked by Hal, the sentient computer from "2001: A Space Odyssey". He joined Microsoft Research Cambridge in 1997 and was named lab director in 2015. His current projects include collaborations with medical specialists to develop new applications of ML, including a project with the University of Manchester to understand factors that influence the development of allergies and asthma in children. Bishop has won multiple awards and honors for his research achievements and his broader contributions to the field of science. He also holds a chair in computer science at the University of Edinburgh.

Chris is no stranger to this blog, having written about probabilistic inference and also having contributed to and reviewed other posts.

The Royal Society is a fellowship of many of world's most eminent scientists, and a key priority for their organization is the recognition, support and promotion of outstanding science and encouraging the use of science for the benefit of humanity. We are truly delighted to see Chris join their ranks. You can read more at the original blog post here or follow Dr. Bishop's research here.

CIML Blog Team