Notebook to check when Python 3 will be better supported than Python 2

Do you use Python 3 for your development? Python 3 has been out for over 7 years now, so, if you are not using it yet – well, why not? We’d love to know. Since the initial release of Python 3 in December 2008, it seems like the new version of Python has lived in the shadow of Python 2. Even now, seven years since the release of Python 3, several developers continue to use Python 2 and talk about why Python 3 doesn’t work for them. In about four years’ time, Python 3 will become the only supported version of Python, with Python 2 support to be discontinued as that version reaches end of life.

Python 3 is gaining ground rather quickly and, before too long, will be the better supported version. If the indications are right, that will happen well before 2020. Not convinced? View this notebook in the Cortana Analytics Gallery to see our analysis and use the data sources to come to your own conclusions. You can also check out this Python Engineering blog to read their analysis – the extract and picture below are from that post: Py3

Cortana Analytics Gallery Team