Overview Video of Azure Data Lake (Now Generally Available!)

One of the most exciting announcements we made at Connect(); in New York City yesterday is the general availability of Azure Data Lake (ADL), a key component of Cortana Intelligence, our fully managed suite of big data and advanced analytics services.

ADL offers a hyper-scale data repository for storing data of any type, and is built to the open HDFS standard. You can store trillions of files, and single files can be over a petabyte large. ADL makes it easy to run massively parallel data transformations and data processing programs using U-SQL, R, Python and .NET over your petabytes of data – and all with just a few lines of code and absolutely no infrastructure to manage.

This Channel 9 video below provides an overview of Azure Data Lake, along with architectural insights into how the data and compute work together to provide a highly optimized, scalable analytics solution for your needs.

CIML Blog Team