Welcome to London!

Another city, another expo! I’ve been travelling on and off since Apple Expo in Paris giving some Office 2008 training to Apple Store staff and key partners and resellers! It feels good to finally be able to show our new offering (well, part of it at least!). So far, the reception has been great and I can’t wait to start getting your reaction once you can get your hands on it!

This time, it’s London for Mac Live Expo! It feels a bit quiet without Apple but there is still a steady flow of people coming to see us! It is the first time we are flying the Office 2008 colours in public! The stand looks great and we are starting to feel the release getting closer! We’ve had a lot of people so far with good questions, good suggestions and yes, we are on track to launch in January!

Crona, Donna, Stephen, Ursula and I all took time off our busy schedule to travel from MacBU Ireland and meet with the customers and give you a small taste of Office 2008! We do regular demos and Microsoft Expression media is also featured at the stand. We’ve even been nominated for a Macworld "Best of Show" award! I have put 2 pictures of the stand here, I'll post more tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last day so if you are around come say “Hello!” to Office 2008 and talk to us!

And, by the way, welcome to Leopard!!!

UPDATE: As promised... More pictures of the stand have been posted!