The power of your feedback

Sometimes you're navigating in the MSDN Library and you spot an error in the documentation. You decide to send your feedback and you might wonder if someone reads your comments. Yes, we do! And we take them very seriously!

From small typos to missing code samples to more serious errors, we analyze the comments and make the changes as possible.

One example of a topic that was changed based on the user feedback was the reference for the GridView.RowEditing event. Some of the comments were asking for examples of how to use this event when you are setting the data source programatically and not using the DataSourceID property. So, in the new release of the documentation we added a new sample to the property with the comments in mind.

You can compare the new version with the previous one!

But, for us, it's also important that you give us positive feedbacks when you find useful topics. This helps us track when we're doing it right as well and use that as a model to be followed!