MAP Toolkit 9.2 Now Available!

MAP Toolkit 9.2 Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 9.2 of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. This release of the MAP Toolkit helps increase the agility and cost effectiveness of deploying the latest Microsoft technologies. MAP 9.2 helps organizations assess their environment readiness and migrations from on-premises to latest Azure Servers.


Windows 2008 Server Discovery

MAP 9.2 adds the discovery of Windows 2008 in addition to existing Legacy Windows Servers. The reports would also distinguish the OS architecture of these Servers.


New Performance Counters in Performance Metrics Reports

In this version of MAP we added four performance counters to the existing counters being collected in Performance Metrics Reports. This is to add the reporting of the CPU speed in the summary report.

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You asked, We listened

As part of the MAP team’s ongoing improvement initiatives for this release, we reviewed a number of feedback submissions and implemented changes based on the MAP community’s suggestions. We’d love to hear more. Please send comments and suggestions to