Last (Few) Weeks on DirectX Shader Compiler (2017-09-29)

On the HLSL side, we've kept on adding support for float16, improving coverage, and fixing bugs. We've also been helping partners get their downstream implementations correct and stable. The compiler itself is pretty stable at this point, so we're looking into doing an out-of-band release at some point in the near future. The very first GitHub release will likely be a snap of what we currently have in the default build configuration, but we'll look into sharing a process for validation and into including additional support for the one after.

SPIR-V progress has been very active, and it's great to see more and more elements of the language are getting supported.

Looking forward, we have a number of cool things we'd like to show off from the various components available in dxcompiler, so I'm trying to find time to record some videos walking through how things fit together. If you would like to learn mroe about any particular areas, please leave a comment here or catch me @mlrdev.