Using EVC 4.0 to build code for WM 5.0

Picking up on a comment that Frankie Chow made on my LASS part 3 post:

"... how can we develop [for Windows Mobile 5.0] using VC++4?"

First of all I need to make this clear: It’s not possible to use EVC 4.0 to build applications that specifically target Windows Mobile 5.0*. Neither is it possible to use EVC 4.0 to deploy and debug against a Windows Mobile 5.0 device. The primary restriction here is that the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK is built to install against Visual Studio 2005 only.

However, if you have code that doesn’t rely on WM 5.0 features it is possible to remain with EVC 4.0, build and debug on WM2003, and then manually install (e.g. build a CAB or copy the files and use remote reg edit etc) components to WM 5.0. In doing this you are relying on the backwards compatibility of WM 5.0. Don’t forget to test it thoroughly.

Because a LAP doesn’t call any new interfaces in the OS you could (in theory! I haven't tries this out) keep with EVC 4.0, modify the code to expose the new exports and build for a WM 2003 target, then install onto WM 5.0.

Lots of caveats :) And here is another: * I guess with a lot of work it might be possible to install VS2005 + WM 5.0 SDK alongside EVC 4.0 and then manually adjust the lib and include directories in EVC 4.0 to point at the new SDK bits in order to use WM5.0 specific features, but even if that does work you will still have no debug experience. Has anyone tried this yet? That would be a pretty cool party trick… you can see I get invited to the best parties J